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Dark Shadows
Episodes 365-461

After a seance, Vicki is transported back to 1795.
She meets Collins ancestors who resemble present-day family members.
The witch Angelique jealously destroys Barnabas' romance with Josette DuPres
and places the curse of the vampire on him.
Josette sees a vision of herself as a vampire and
leaps to her death from Widow's Hill.
Reverend Trask causes Vicki to be tried as a witch
condemned as a witch.
Vicki falls in love with Peter Bradford.
As she is about to be hung as a witch, Vicki is returned to the present.

Barnabas Collins: Son of Naomi & Joshua
Brother to Sarah Collins

Naomi Collins: Wife of Joshua
Mother of Barnabas & Satah

Joshua Collins: Husband of Naomi
Father of Barnabas & Sarah
Brother of Abigail & Jeremiah

Jermiah Collins: Brother of Abigail & Joshua
Husband of Josette duPres

Abigail Collins: Sister of Joshua and Jermiah

Millicent Collins: Sister of daniel
cousin from New York

Daniel Collins: Brother of Millicent
Cousin from New York

Josette duPres: Barnabas' fiance from Martinique who
marries Jeremiah after being
bewitched by Angelique

Andre duPres: Josettes' father
brother of Natalie
wealthy plantation owner from

Natalie duPres: Sister of Andre aunt of Josette

Angelique Bouchard: Josettes' servant
A witch who marries Barnabas

Sarah Collins: Daughter of Joshua & Naomi
sister of Barnabas

Victoria Winters: same Vicki as present time was transported through time back to 1795
Peter Bradford: Victoria Winters' lawyer who becomes her romantic interest

Ben Stokes: Collins family servant

Lieutentant Nathan Forbes:
Naval office who marries Millicent

Suki Forbes: Nathan Forbes' first wife

Reverend Trask:Franatical witch-hunting minister

Ruby Tate: First victim of Barnabas after he
becomes a vampire

Maude Browning: A victim of Barnabas

Bathia Maples: Good witch summoned to exorcise
Barnabas after he becomes a vampire

Reverebd Bland: Minister who married Angelique
and Barnabas

Noah Gifford: Helper of Nathan Forbes

Judge Hanley: Main judge at Vicki's trail

Judge Matigan: Judge who refused to be Vicki's attonery

Ghost Of Jeremiah Collins: Anenging spirit of Jeremiah

Dr. Thornton: Treat Barnabas after Angelique's
choking spell

Danielle Roget: One-time lover of Peter Bradford
Reincarnated as Leona Eltridge used as a life force for Eve in 1968

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