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Dark Shadows
Episodes 1110-1198

Barnabas and Julia use the stairway created by Quentin in 1840 to travel back to that time.
Gerard Stiles, possessed by Judah Zachery, becomes master of Collinwood.
After Angelique causes the destruction of Judah,
Barnabas realizes he loves her, but she is immediatley killed by Lamar Trask.
Brokenhearted Barnabas returns with Julia to the present.

Barnabas Collins
Same Barnabas from 1970
freedfrom his coffin by Julia

Carrie Stokes
Yound granddaughter of Ben Stokes
who falls in love with Jeremy Grimes

Charles Drawson
Lawyer who brings Head of Judah Zachery
to Gerard to process him

Daniel Collins
Survivor from 1795 who is now the aged family head
and father of Quentin and Gabriel Collins

Daphne Harridge
Governess to Tad
and sister of Joanna Mills. She marries Gerard Stiles

Desmond Collins
Son Of Flora Collins

Edith Collins
Wife Of Gabriel Collins

Flora Collins
Popular novelist who lives in Rose Cottage
with her son Desmond

Gabriel Collins
Husband of Edith
Son of Daniel and brother of Quentin

Gerard Stiles
Friend of Quentin
Husband of Daphne
Becomes fully processed by judah Zachery

Harriet Collins
Ghost of wife of Daniel Collins summond by Valarie
to trrify Daniel

Hortense Smiley
Clooinwood governess killes by Judah Zachery

Jeremy Grimes
Son of Mordecai Grimes
who falls in love with Carrie Stokes

Constable Jim Ward
Husband Of Mildred Ward
Arrests Quentin for the murder of Randall Drew

Joanna Mills
Sister of Daphne Herridge
and former lover of Quentin Collins

Judah Zachery
17th century warlock who has returned for revenge
against the Collins family

The Head Of Judah Zachery
Demonic relic brought back by
Desmond Collins as a present for Quentin

Judge Wiley
Holds and inquest involving the death of Randall Drew

Judge Vail
Head of the tribunal which
tries Quentin for witchcraft

Dr. Julia Hoffman
Same Julia from 1970 who
pretends to be Barnabas' sister

Lamar Trask
Mortician owner of Trask Chaple
Son of Reverend Trask 1795

Lazslo Ferrari
Gyspy com[anion of Angelique

Leticia Faye
Cockney friend of Gerard Stiles
who becomes partially processed by Judah Zachery

Lorna bell
Woman who comes to Trask's chaple to
play respects to Roxanne

Mildred Ward
Wife of Constable Jim Ward who accuses Quentin of witchcraft

Mordecai grimes
Father of Jermery Grimes
Collinsport farmer

Mrs. Purdy
Woman who reveals what happen to Joanna Mills

Ottis Greene
Antique dealer struck dead after seeing the head

Quentin Collins
Son of Daniel brother of Gabriel
Husband of Samantha and father of Tad Collins

Randall Drew
Borther of Roxanne and Samantha

Roxanne Drew
sister of Samantha Collins and Randall Drew
She is courted by Lamar Trask

Samantha Collins
Wife of Quentin mother of Tad
Sister of Roxanne & Randall Drew

Tad Collins
Son of Quentin and Samantha Collins

Valarie Collins
aka Angelique same Angelique as 1795 using an alias


Amadeus Collins
Judge at trail of Judah zachery
convinces Miranda duVal to testify againt Judah Zachery

Miranda duVal
Servant who has come under the influence of
Judah Zachery. She later assumes the name Angelique

Judah Zachery
Accused as a warlock, he was tried
condemed to be beheaded

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