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Dark Shadows
1841 Parallel Time
Episodes 1198-1245

Because of a curse, the Collins family must hold a lottery once in each generation.
Only when a person chosen can spend the night in a mysterious room and survive
both alive and sane can the curse be broken.
Bramwell Collins, son of Barnabas and Josette, returns to town hoping to marry Cathrine Harridge.
But Catherine marries Morgan Collins, unaware she is pregnant with Bramwell's child.
Morgan attempts to kill the lovers by locking them in the room, but they survive, breaking the curse.
Morgan perishes. The ghosts and vampires have been laid to rest.

Ben Stokes
Lives with daughter Carrie on the
Collinwood estste

Bramwell Collins
Son of Josette and Barnabas Collins
He marries Daphne Harridge and impregnates her
sister cathrine Herridge

Carrie Stokes
Daughter of Ben Stokes

Catherine Herridge
Sister of Daphne Herridge
marres Morgan Collins and
becomes pregnant by Bramwell Collins

Daphne Herridge
Sister of Catherine
Marries Bramwell Collins

Flora Collins
Wife of Justin Collins
Mother of Gabirel, Morgan and Quentin Collins

Gabirel Collins
Son of Flora & Justin Collins
Brother of Quentin & Morgan Collins

Gerard Stiles
Collins family friend with psychic powers

Josette Collins
Widow of Barnabas Collins
Mother of Bramwell

Julia Collins
Sister of Justin Collins

Justin Collins
Husband of Flora
Father of Morgan, Gabriel and Quentin Collins

Kendrick Young
Brother of Stella Young he marries Melanie Collins

Lamar Trask
Same Lamar from 1840 who after being
shot by Barnabs Collins for killing Angelique
died in the parallel time room as it changed to 1841pt

Melanie Collins
Adopted daughter of Justin and Flora Collins
Marries Kendrick Young

Morgan Collins
Son of Justin and Flora
Brother to Gabriel and Quentin Collins
Married Cathrine Herridge

Quentin Collins
Son of Flora and Justin
Brother to Morgan & Gabriel

Samantha Drew
Nurse at Collinwood

Stella Young
Secretary to Flora Collins
Sister of Kendrick Young

1680 Parallel Time

Amanda Collins
Wife of Brutus Collins
shows her lover John Forsythe
where to find proof against Brutus Collins

John Forsythe
Brutis Collin's business partner who he suspect is
embezzeling funds and lover of Admanda Collins

Brutus Collins
Husband of Admanda
business partner of John Forsythe

Constance Collins
Sister of Brutus Collins who always taken his
side againstJames and Admanda

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