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Dark Shadows
Episodes 700-884

By using the I-Ching wands, Barnabas goes back to 1897 to learn the secret of Quentin and the werewolf.
Edith Collins the head of the family hold the secret of the Collins mausoleum
School teacher Rachel Drummond attempts to save the children,
Jamison and Nora, from the cruel treatment by Reverend Gregory Trsk
at his school, Worthington Hall.
Angered that Quentin was responsible for the death of her sister Jenny,
Magda places the curse of the werewolf on him and all his descendants.
Count Petofi regains his hand and uses it's power to switch minds with
Quentin in an attempt to reach the future.
Barnabas meest the true reincarnation of Josette,
Lady Kitty Hampshire

Barnabas Collins
Traveled back to 1897

Nora Collins
Daughter Of Edward and Laura

Angelique duVal Collins
Barnabas' wife
same Angelique from 1795

Count Petofi's assistant

Laura Collins
Edward's estrange wife
an immortal phoenix
Returned to reclaim her children
Jamison and Nora

Beth Chavez
Servany at Collinwood
Looks after Jenny Collins
Is in love with Quentin Collins

Charity Trask
Daughter of Gregory and Minerva Trask

Tim Shaw
Teacher at Worthington Hall
who befriends Rachel Drummond

Admanda Harris
Romantic interest of Quentin Collins
Created by Charles Delawear tate
when he painted her two years earlier

Carl Collins
Brother of Edward, Judith & Quentin Collins

Charles Delawear tate
Artist giving special powers by
Count Petofi

Evan Handley
Lawyer and practitioner of tthe black arts

Jamison Collins
Son of Edward and Laura
Brother of Nora Collins

Kitty Soames
Lady Hampshire, a widow
Barnabas discovers she is the true
reincarnation of Josett DuPres

Pansy Faye
Cockney music hall preformer and mentalist
Love interest of Carl Collins

Rachel Drummond
Worthington Hall teacher
Becomes governess to Jamison and Nora

Doctor Julia Hoffman
Same Julia from the 1969,
used the I-Ching wands to go back to
1897 to help Barnabas

Dirk Wilkins
Caretaker At Collinwood

Edith Collins
Collins family head
grandmother of
Edward, Judith, Quentin & Carl Collins

Edward Collins
Brother Of Quentin, Judith & Carl
Father of Jamison & Nora
Married To Laura
Nominal head of the Collins family

Garth Blackwood
Master of Dartmoor Prison
recreated by Charles Delawear Tate to destroy Aristede

Reverend Gregory Trask
Husband of Minerva Trask
Father of Charity
Head Of Worthington Hall

Jenny Collins
Wife of Quentin Collins
Mother of twins, boy and a girl
Sister of Magda Rakosi

Judith Collins Trask
Wife Of Gregory Trask
Sister of Edward, Quentin & Carl

Gyspy girl who offers to cure Quentin
in exchange for the hand of
Count Petofi

King Johnny Romano
Gyspy looking for the hand of
Count Petofi

Madga Raskosi
Wife Of Sandor lives in the Old House
Sister Of Jenny Collins
put werewolf curse on Quentin Collins

Minerva Trask
Wife of Gregory Trask
Mother of Charity Trask

Count Andreas Petofi
Comes to Collisport to regian his hand,
which was taken by gypsies in exchange for their
help 150 years ago

Quentin Collins
Brother of Edward, Judith & Carl
Husband of Jenny Collins

Sandor Rakosi
Gyspy husband of Magda

The Werewolf

Dorcus Trilling
Worthinging Hall teacher
First victim of Quentin as the werewolf

Gyspy asociate of King Johnny Romano

Wanda Paisley
Experiment subject during
I-Ching test by Count Petofi

Widow Romando
Gypsy wife of King Johnny Romano

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