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Dark Shadows
1970 Parallel Time
Episodes 980-1060

A room in Collinwood's east wing enables Barnabas to enter Parallel Time,
where familiar people have made different choices and live different lives.
Angelique, risen from the dead, is determinded to regain her husband
Quentin who is married to Maggie Evans.
Barnabas falls in love with Roxanne Drew, who has provided the
lifeforce for Angelique.

Barnabas Collins: same Barnabas as in present time

Dr. Julia Hoffman: same Julia as in present time

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: Mother of Carolyn and
sister of Roger

Roger Collins: Brother of Elizabeth

Carolyn Collins Loomis: Daughter of Elizabeth
Wife of William H. Loomis

William Hollinghead Loomis:
Author Husband of Carolyn

Quentin Collins: Cousin to Roger & Elizabeth
Father of Daniel Collins
Married to Angelique then Maggie

Maggie Evans Collins:
Second wife of Quentin Collins
Stepmother to Daniel

Angelique Stokes: A witch, Stepdaughter of
Timothy Stokes
and identical twin of Alexis
Quentin's first wife and mother of Daniel

Alexis Stockes: Angelique's idenitical twin sister
stepdaughter of Timothy

Timothy Stokes: Stepfather of Angelique & Alexis
brother of Hannah

Hannah Stokes: Sister of Timothy
Psychic aunt of Alexis & Angelique

Chris Collins: Family cousin and lawyer
brother of Amy

Cyrus Longworth: Collinsport scientist and
fiance of Sabrina Stuart
Julia Hoffman: Collinwood housekepper

Daniel Collins: Son of Quentin and Angelique
Stepson of Maggie

Amy Collins: cousin of the Collins family
Sister of Chris Collins

John Yeager: Evil alter-ego of Cryus

Sabrina Stuart: Cyrus' lab assistant and girl friend

Bruno Hess: Music composer who lives in the
Collinwood estate cottage

Buffie Harrington: Blue Whale barmaid<

Roxanne Drew: Artificial woman created by Timothy
Stokes and brought to life by Barnabas

Mr. Trask: Collinwood butler

Claude North: Mystery man involved with Roxanne

Larry Chase: Successor to Chris Collins as
the family lawyer

Victor Flager: Local Farmer

Inspector Hamilton: Investergates the death
of Angelique

Minnie Duvall: Buffie's apartment landlord

Wilfred w. Block: Caretaker for William .H
and Carolyn Loomis

Aldon Wicks: Farm house landlord of John Yeager

Ghost of Joshua Collins: Spirit of Joshua

Ghost of Damond Edwards: Spirit of Damond family friend

Fran Praxton: Police investigator

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